How to remove (inadvertently) the Linux user group page of SCO

In the past SCO and Caldera - once with a quite known Linux distribution - were the same company. In that days Caldera (which actually bought SCO) also published source code to the Linux kernel as some emails prove, e.g. . So it was quite natural that Caldera maintained a page on the web where Linux user groups, projects and similar were able to enter their name and contact address. And so did the LUGA years ago.

Alas, years were passing by, the leading people changed, the then chairman actually left Vienna and went to Bregenz (which is - literally! - at the other end of Austria) and so the entry was forgotten.

In the meantime SCO (or - to be more accurately - the current regime of SCO) dropped Caldera with it's Linux past and started the strive for the big money via the stock exchange in New York and the courts (or - at least - up-to-now unproven accusations and threatens to force amicable - ahemm - arrangements).

On Jan 25, 2004 Günther Leber, now Vice Chairman but one of the earlier LUGA members, found - while cleaning up his overfull mailbox - an email from Jul 19, 2000 sent by Paul Hatch, who was the former user group contact person, about the correctness of LUGAs entry there. So the question arised: "What to do now?"

The first action was to try to find the login name and password. Some simple attempts with probable names and passwords didn't work und the former chairman also didn't knew anything about it. So we decided to mail and ask for the login data to the email address mentioned in the old e-mail.

It didn't take much time for an (automatic) answer. Hmm, seems that someone left and no one cared about his duties.

Looking around at the website no other useful email address was found. So I used google and it lead to . This revealed that Paul Hatch hat left for sure. And I got nerved a little.

But there are two other email addresses there. So the next request.

But now it became complicated - no login names and/or passwords around and apparently no one who was able or wanted to get it working again. And a fullquote in the email.

Now being somewhat fed up we decided to simply delete the entry - we have no (and do not want any) business with SCO anyway and would migrate hosts and servers if we just had any. And very soon an answer - basically as expected arrived.

And immediately SCO seemed work. But there is no problem which cannot be solved by us. And apparently a final good bye from them and one from us.

But on the next day after checking the removal it needs this mail.