RE: Forgotten Login and Password


I'd like to help remove your LUGA user account; but I don't know where to

Please tell me to that it was that you were able to login in the past.
There have been so many changes here in personnel and systems, that I'm
afraid we don't know to what you might be referring.  

Thank you,
Dean Zimmerman

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Would you know how to do this or who would have responsibility to oversee
this getting done?

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On Mit, 2004-02-11 at 01:01, Blake Stowell wrote:
> I'm afraid I don't have a login or password, but if you would like to 
> send along the updated information to me, I would be happy to make
> that it gets changed.

Sorry for coming back that late - I'm quite busy at work.

Actually we - the Linux User Group Austria - simply wanted to delete out
data there since Caldera wasn't alive for the last years and SCO is
apparently not interested in technical or practical aspects of the Linux
kernel (which are the only goals of out user group) and other relevant
software. Therefore it makes no sense to have an entry on (let alone an old and wrong one).

So please delete (or find someone who is able to do it) the LUGA account
from SCO's usergroups page.

Thanks in advance,
        Bernd Petrovitsch, Chairman
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