RE: Forgotten Login and Password

On Fre, 2004-02-20 at 19:48, Dean Zimmerman wrote:
> Thank you for this information.  We have valued the relationship we have had
> for many years with Linux user's groups; but because we are now turning our
> attention to other matters, specifically the expansion of UNIX, we no longer
> are applying resources to our LUG relationships.

That's ok with us (since it is your decision anyway).
So please just remove our entry there.

Thanks in advance,
	Bernd Petrovitsch, Chairman
"What happens when you read some doc and either it doesn't answer your
question or is demonstrably wrong? In Linux, you say "Linux sucks" and
go read the code. In Windows/Oracle/etc you say "Windows sucks" and
start banging your head against the wall."    - Denis Vlasenko on lkml