LiVES, videojack and livido


Vortragender Gabriel Finch (a.k.a salsaman)
Ort Metalab
Datum 2007-03-28
Zeit 19:00

The first part of talk will demonstrate the features of LiVES and show how it can be used both by VJ's and digital video artists to produce eye-catching and spectacular results.

The second topic will be about the author's work on developing videojack (a video capable version of jack).

The third topic will be about the livido effects standard, a new cross-application standard for video effects.

About LiVES:

LiVES is a Video Editing System. It allows both realtime and non-realtime manipulation of video and audio. It can be controlled either through the user-friendly interface or remotely over a network. It has the capability of working with almost any video format. It can also be easily extended through a system of plugins, utilising open standards.

Intended audience:

anybody who has an interest in the current state of the art in video applications and standards relating to Free Software. No prior technical knowledge is assumed.