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Re: [luga] apache und utf-8

Ian Ballantyne schrieb:
Hi Roland,

Not replying to the list because my mails never seem to get through.

I forward them to the list, since mine obviously get through.

There are some headers that are sent back by apache with every request that's made to the server, and these headers are normally interpreted by the browser. AFAIK, if these headers include a charset, then this is observed first. I'm not sure if you can control this at all with the meta tags - it looks like you've tried though...

I already found out, that the directive
controls whether the meta tags are observed or not.

If my guess is right, you've tried setting the default character set in the apache config to iso-8859, then adding a meta tag to the files that are taken by the browser, correct?

Almost, I've used AddDefaultCharset on which defaults to iso-8859.
But at the same time the server strips the meta tags.

I found a work around, in that I put a .htaccess file into the directory
which contains the utf-8 pages with AddDefaultCharset utf-8.

But this is not a nice solution ...


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