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Hallo alle,

hat jemand Ideen für diese Sache? Dann laßt es die Liste und Kendall Clark

lG - Michl

-----Forwarded message from Kendall Clark <kclark@superfly.ntlug.org>-----

I will now tell you one of my Linux dreams for I have many: I'd like to
see a Linux Users Conference or Congress. Like a 3 to 5 day meeting with
speakers, discussion sections, and things that are proposed, voted on, and
issued as resolutions.

To do this I've thought in the past that Linux International should 'make
a bigger place at the table' for the LUGs.

I know thing that we should start something like the International
Association of Linux Users, or something like that, and make the LUGs
worldwide the backbone of this organization.

I think the Linux community should do more organized, solidarity type of

In other words, the Linux Advocacy HOWTO could serve as the basis of a LUG
worldwide constitution, etc. We could get press and get some (more)
attention for Linux, free software.

Has anyone else thought about something like this? Or think it's worth



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