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[luga] Followup: Tempest Attacks

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Date: 10 Mar 1998 15:48:42 -0500
From: Colin Rafferty <craffert@ml.com>
Subject: Remote viewing


RF-Link Technology has developed a Wireless PC@TV product that allows an
Internet link via a PC in one room to be displayed on a television in
another.  A scan converter translates the PC's video display signals into
signals that a TV can process, and wirelessly sends the audio and video
signals using a radio-frequency transmitter and receiver.  The signals can
travel up to 100 feet, and a wireless keyboard allows the user to manipulate
the PC while watching the action on the TV in another room.  The cost is
about double that of a set-top WebTV receiver, but does not require a
special Internet service. (_Popular Science_, Mar 98; Edupage)

  So when my next-door neighbor is browsing www.playboy.com, does that
  mean that my six-year-old can read right along?  Colin

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