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Re: [luga] MSDOS, VFAT filesystem fuer user ??

On Sun, Mar 01, 1998 at 08:35:07PM +0100, DI Michael Rumpler wrote:
> Hi!
> weiss jemand von euch wie man MSDOS und VFAT partitionen freigit, dass
> auch
> nicht-root user drauf schreiben duerfen ??

Auswendig nicht, aber im Manual (man mount) steht's:

Mount options for fat

       uid=value and gid=value
              Set the owner and group of all files. (Default: the
              uid and gid of the current process.)

              Set  the umask (the bitmask of the permissions that
              are not present). The default is the umask  of  the
              current process.  The value is given in octal.


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