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-----Forwarded message from wiliweld@ix.netcom.com-----
Hi Everyone,

	I have a display problem. When Linux Red Hat 4.2 was installed on my PC,  I only had a 1mg video card. The person who installed it could only leave me with a 640x480 res. I since then have installed a 2mg video card along with Netscape 4.0. The screen in Xfree86 leaves me with no access to operate the browser & mail buttons in Netscape 4.0. Could someone possibly email me the instructions on how to increase the res to 800x600. ??? I will take ALL responsibility for the results....Thanks

<italic>         </italic>Bill Schoolcraft

         PO Box 210076

San Francisco, California


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Das kam an luga-info - was wuerdet ihr im raten? Ich jedenfalls bin an einem
aehnlichen Problem auch schon einmal gescheitert :-(.

lG - Michl
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