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[luga] F00F bug *fixed* in 2.0.x kernels

Subject:  F00F bug *fixed* in 2.0.x kernels
Date: 14 Nov 1997 07:27:58 GMT
From: set-usenet-879492588@reality.samiam.org (Sam Trenholme)
Organization: Linux reality.samiam.org 2.0.30 #2 Mon Sep 15 1997 i686 unknown
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.development.system, comp.os.linux.advocacy, comp.os.linux.misc

Linux 2.0.x users:

The Linux developers have, again, done the impossible.  Within seven days
of the serious FOOF bug in the Pentium being discovered, the kernel
developers have not only figured out a software fix for the problem, but 
have patches for *both* the 2.1.63 and the 2.0.31 kernels which make 
Linux immune to the F00F bug.

The patch for the F00F bug successfully works on the latest pre-2.0.32
version.  As I type these words on my Pentium Linux laptop, the sequence
F0 0F C7 C8 is being run over and over again in an infinite loop.  

In order to download this patch, get the following files:


To patch the new kernel:

cd /usr/src/
mv linux linux.old
tar xvzf linux-2.0.31.tar.gz
cd linux
gunzip -dc /?/pre-patch-2.0.32-4.gz.maybe |patch -p1 -s -N -E -d 

where /?/ is the location of where you downloaded

Compiling a new kernel is described in any good book on Linux, or in the
appropriate HOWTO.

People using PCMCIA will also need to download and recompile the pcmcia
suite.  Look here:


Applause to the kernel development team, who so quickly found and
implemented a fix to this problem. 

- Sam

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