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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:00:17 -0400
From: Anna Selvia <anna@bunny.redhat.com>

RHS Linux User                                     Issue #2
September 1997

Greetings from Red Hat! We hope all of your groups are well and 

 o  The latest beta release of Red Hat-Thunderbird

We're sure you all have heard...Thunderbird is out! There's no need to 
elaborate on the details here; you can see for yourself if you like.
Check: ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/tbird

 o  New Web site is a smashing success!

The amount of positive e-mail we've received about our new home is 
overwhelming. We hope you all like it too. For some good Linux humor and 
other useful material look under Linux Info; you can also keep up with 
latest and greatest Linux news compiled from over 50 sources at:


 o  Official User Group Progam Member Listing

This listing  will have contact information for all 76 of our current 
members. It should be complete by next week. Be sure to check for your 
group's listing and make sure everything is correct. 

 o  Upcoming Shows

Red Hat will be at the following trade shows:

LISA '97   San Diego  October 29-30

Comdex Fall  Las Vegas  November 17-21

FedNet/FedImaging  Washington December 3-4

Fall Internet World  New York  December 8-12

Be sure to stop by the booth if you are in the area, we'd love to meet 
you! Also, if you'd like to plan a meeting during one of these shows, let 
me know.

 o  UniForum Spring Conference

Red Hat will be involved in the new and improved UniForum Conference; it  
should prove to be very interesting and exciting! It will be held May 
17-20, 1998 at the Sheraton Fontaine Blew Hotel & Conference Center in 
Ocean City, MD. The show will kick off with a Golf Tournament and lots
of other events that will take advantage of the sea side on Sunday. Monday
will bring tutorials and a late afternoon/early evening Beach Party 
complete with a band, and all the food and BEER you can stand! The 
conference tracks, one of which will be on Linux, will take place on
Tuesday and Wednesday. Other possible tracks are: Best of SCO Forum, 
Network Computing, and Python. Up to 50 exhibitors are expected to attend.
The focus of the show is to have a *serious* conference in a relaxed 
setting; and the decision to have it at the beach in the early spring is a
great one! 

Details will be available at: http://www.uniforum.org real soon!

 o  Reminder...

There are still some Comdex Guest passes available--get 'em fast before 
they're gone! 

 o  Tell us your troubles!

In an effort to serve you, our User Groups, better, we'd like to get some 
feedback on what your greatest frustrations and difficulties as a group 
are. Now, we don't want any pity-parties! What we do want are legitimate 
concerns that you have that we may be able to help with. Send me a note 
with your top 3 frustrations as well as the top 3 things that you like 
about your group. This will give me a good idea of each group's strengths 
and weaknesses.

Send all feedback to anna@redhat.com.

Well, that's about it for this update...until next month...

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