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Re: [luga] Re: (Hmmmm, ...)

On Mon, Aug 11, 1997 at 10:06:53PM +0200, Administrator cybernet (Roman Aigner) wrote:

> wie verwende ich dctrl ? ist mir voellig unbekannt !
> wo schreibe ich impulse hin ? habe ich auch noch nirgends gesehen

Dieser Rat ist gratis, ich hoffe er ist nicht umsonst ;-)

Um Peter H. zu zitieren, es gibt ein Kommando, das nur richtige Wizards
kennen und verwenden, und has heißt:


Will man etwas über ein Programm erfahren, z.B. über das Kommando "man", so
tippselt, was ein richtiger Wizard ist:

	man man

Oder wenn es denn der "diald" sein soll:

	man diald

Dabei findet man dann so allerlei:

       impulse <duration>,<fuzz>

       impulse <initial-duration>,<secondary-duration>,<fuzz>
              The  impulse command is used to control the link up
              time in units larger than a single second. This  is
              intended  to  be  used in areas where phone connec-
              tions are charged in impulses.  In the two argument
              form, the <duration> parameter indicates the number
              of seconds that diald will keep the line up  before
              checking  to see if it is idle.  The <fuzz> parame-
              ter is the number of seconds that diald  will  con-
              tinue  to monitor the idle state before waiting for
              <duration> seconds again.  In  the  three  argument
              form,  the  <initial-duration>  parameter indicates
              the minimum number of seconds diald will  keep  the
              line  up once a call has been initiated. After this
              timer expires diald will proceed  as  for  the  two
              argument case using the <secondary-duration> param-
              eter in place of the  <duration>  parameter.   Zero
              values  for  <duration>  and  <fuzz>  turn  off the
              impulses feature.

              For example, if on Sundays your  phone  connections
              are charged in units of $1 per 1 hour chunk, and no
              matter how much of each chunk you use you  pay  the
              full $1, then you might as well keep the connection
              up for 1 hour once you've made it.   To  accomplish
              this you might use the following commands.

                   restrict * * 0 * *
                   impulse 3570,30

              This  will  keep  the link up for 3570 seconds at a
              time, with a 30 second leeway to  account  for  the
              time  required  to  make  and break the connection.
              Note that the <fuzz> factor should not be  made  to
              small,  since  otherwise  diald  may not be able to
              hang up the connection before your  call  is  being
              billed in the next impulse.

              Similarly,  if  you're calls are billed by the sec-
              ond, but there is a minimum charge for the first 10
              minutes,  then you might use the following command.

                   impulse 600,0,0

                     DIALD 0.14 - 1996.04.04                   13

Und aus einem Readme in der diald-Source:

	dctrl                   - Tk based program to monitor an diald

> > Roman Aigner wrote:
> > 
> > >Es gibt einen Account bei mir selber(providing betreibe ich um meine
> > >Standleitung zu finanzieren)

Möchtest Du nicht LUGA-Mitglied werden ;-)



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