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[lll]: [offtopic] MS suffers second server attack (fwd)

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> Subject: [lll]: [offtopic] MS suffers second server attack 
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> Hi
> hehe, der IIS Webserver von Microsoft hat wieder kleine Problemchen :)
> gefunden auf:
> http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,12068,00.html?ticker.ms.ie40
> By Janet Kornblum
> July 1, 1997, 10:15 a.m. PT 
> BULLETIN Hackers have uncovered and exploited a second Microsoft (MSFT)
> server bug in less than two weeks, sending the software giant scrambling
> for a quick fix to a potentially embarrassing episode, the company
> confirmed today.
> This new bug, while different from the one discovered and reported in
> Internet Information Server about ten days ago, causes the same kind of
> denial of service attack: it locks up a Web server so nobody else can get
> onto it.
> Yesterday, users throughout the Net reported problems to CNET getting into
> the Microsoft Web site. Microsoft has been in the process of upgrading its
> servers and has warned users to expect difficulty in hitting the site. But
> yesterday's problems were caused by a denial of service attack in which
> phony TCP/IP packets are sent to the Web server, according to Mike Nash, a
> Microsoft spokesman.
> Nash said the company was informed about the problem via email late Sunday
> night and was under attack Monday morning. He added Microsoft would post a
> patch by 12 p.m. PT today. Anyone serving up Web pages off Windows 95, NT
> Workstation, and NT Server is vulnerable to the attack and should download
> the patch, Nash noted.
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      If Microsoft is the answer this must have been a VERY silly question.

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