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[lll]: Linux-2.1.34 - the bleeding edge (fwd)

Wie man sieht ist er auch beim Werben von Testern ein Genie - findet Ihr nicht?

> Ha!
>  Do you want to be a _real_ man (or woman), and run interesting kernels
> rather than those wimpy 2.0.x things?
>  Now you can.  What would you pay? 19.95? 14.95? Or even just 9.95? NO!
> You can get a RealMan(tm) or RealWoman(tm) or even a RealThing(tm)
> kernel for ABSOLUTELY FREE even if you don't fill in any subscription
> information! (Void where prohibited by law.  Entrants should be 5 years
> or older or accompanied by a responsible adult.  Only as long as
> supplies last.). 
>  The new and improved 2.1.34 kernel is out there for grabs, and
> implements such stunning new features as
>  - on SMP you actually finally get _correct_ timing information for your
>    process (ie system/user times should actually be real, rather than
>    just guesses). 
>  - the new interrupt architecture starts to work on sparc too (no
>    guarantees). 
>  - the networking fixes from the boring^H^H^H^H^H^Hstable 2.0.x series
>    got upgraded.
>  - "intr_count" got terminated. VERY terminated.
>  Anyway, what makes this kernel so extra interesting is that some of the
> re-organizations probably means that it doesn't really compile very well
> on non-x86 architectures, but you should not see this as a mis-feature
> but as a challenge.  When your friends are all running the 2.0.x
> kernels, and you tell them you're running 2.1.34, see their eyes widen
> in surprise at your daring and at your skills in actually being able to
> compile it. 
>  You know that hot chick/hunk/thing/whatchamacallit down the street that
> you've just been dying to impress? Here's your chance. 
> Where it it, I can hear you ask? ftp.kernel.org, ftp.funet.fi,
> ftp.cs.helsinki.fi and any other well-stocked ftp site in your
> neighbourhood.
> 		Linus "v2.1.34 - the _cool_ kernel" Torvalds
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