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thanks for deep analysis

Was I the only one who broke into a scream of terror when I looked at this
weird arrangement of letters pretending to be an article.
Why do you think that it is the fault of Linux, when you, not knowing what you
do, come in touch with the first operating system of your life, and the meeting
ends bad?
Ok, when you install one of the Gatish systems you are bound to do everything
right in case your hardware is supported, because the install routine is made
for people without any understanding of a computer, and the ones who use Linux
you attack here so much, are the only ones able to help you when the Gatish
bullshit doesn't work, because they use a system that forces them to know what
they do.
You think that Windoof systems are less complex? Nothing that somehow works in
a computernetwork can be less complex than Linux - the complexity can be shown
or hidden, thats all. If the complexity is shown, at least some people can make
their way to understand whats really going on and to help others when in
If you are talking about a stand alone machine and you are not willing to
really understand what your machine does, Windows might be the right choice.
You'll just live with the fact, that the machine comes every few hours in a
condition she can't handle and just dies - if you like this, use it.
But please: Don't write polemics about a product, you weren't even able to
install. And don't use the word Unix - what do you know about it?
If you are not interested in the technical details of computing, but have to
use a computer to write your pamphlets, why are you writing about computers?
Is there actually no subject you are familiar with? Why dont you write about
And last not least: Is their anything bad about student bedrooms? Do you have
problems with the life in your own?

                           Michael P. Demelbauer
          WSR (Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliches Rechenzentrum)	
		       LUGA (Linux User Group Austria)
	      Ouwe, ouwe, wohin sint alle mine Bits verswunten,
		  wohin ist all die hohe Zit,
		  wer lasset min Server gesunten?
		   (Walter von der Cursorweide)


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