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Re: Re[2]: Linux distribution

> Thanks a lot Michael, I wasn't expecting such a quick reply.
> I have that Slakware distribution where I use to write my perl scripts (some
> kind my specialty, I really enjoy it) but it needs a huge update (a new
> installation in other words).
> I already sent an email to Lukas, and hope to get in touch soon.
> Please add my to your mailing list if possible (and if in english!) so I can
> also contribute.

you can easily subscribe yourself. Just send email to majordomo@luga.or.at
with empty subject and only

subscribe luga

in the body. The conversation in this mailinglist is mixed. Forwarded articles
of general interest mostly are in English. If we ourselves discuss something
it naturally maybe in German. I can promise the following: When we arrange
our next meeting I'll try to keep the conversation in English.


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