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Linux Newsletter Volume 3 (fwd)

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> Subject: Linux Newsletter Volume 3
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> Linux Newsletter:              Issue #3                Date: 01/30/97
> Table of contents:
> -Linux Trademark Dispute Update, the rest of the story
> -BYTE Magazine, January Article
> -Linus at Disneyland
> -Report USENIX/UseLinux Show, Anaheim,  Jan 6-10, 1997  GREAT SHOW!!!!!
> -Get a video tape of UseLinux sessions, including Linus speaking 
>   on the "Future of the Linux Kernel"
> -Linus version 2.0, it's a girl!
> -Linux, InfoWorld Magazine's product (operating system) of the year!
> -Red Hat Linux version 4.1 released
> -New Applixware 4.3 announced, Sale & Free upgrade on existing version
> -Caldera Open Linux Base shipping
> -Uniforum Show, San Francisco, March 10-14, 1997  also: Volunteers needed
> -SoftBank Comdex participation Spring and Fall, Linux Vendors needed.
> -Wearable Computing, neat Linux Application
> -DejaNews link, neat Linux site
> -This month's special offers at the LinuxMall
> -How to subscribe/unsubscribe to this newsletter
> ===
> This is Issue #3 of the Linux newsletter.  It has been fun writing it
> for you.  We have gotten back a lot of new subscriptions in the last
> month.  Several hundred in fact.  I have also gotten a lot of positive
> and encouraging feedback.  I very much enjoy serving the Linux Community, 
> and the FREEDOM of choice that Linux represents.
> I hope to continue to live up to your expectations.
>                                            -- Mark
> Hang on, here we go!
> ===
> Linux Trademark Dispute Update, the rest of the story.
> As many of you know, a person by the name of William R. Della Croce, Jr.
> claims to own the Linux Trademark.  We have made progress on this front
> and the petition for cancellation has been filed with the Trademark office.
> Della Croce followed this claim with a letter to us demanding 10% of 
> the gross revenues of WGS, and also sent the same letter to other Linux 
> companies.
> Please see http://www.linuxmall.com/announce.html 
> for the most extensive collection of information to date on this issue.
> Included is more information than has ever been published anywhere else.
> The issue is still not completely resolved, but is now in hands of the law, 
> which will take time.  We hope that in the meantime, Della Croce chooses 
> to voluntarily release the trademark before we get to court.  If it is 
> found by the court that Della Croce falsely claimed Linux, the court
> will likely choose to press criminal charges.  In any case, if Della Croce 
> would voluntarily turn over the trademark it could save everyone a 
> lot of money, time and grief.
> ===
> BYTE Magazine, January Article
> For those of you who did not see it, BYTE magazine had a GREAT article
> about Linux in the January, 1997 issue!  It was very positive.
> ===
> Report USENIX/UseLinux Show, Anaheim,  Jan 6-10, 1997  GREAT SHOW!!!!!
> As many of you already know the UseLinux show just occurred a
> couple of weeks ago at Anaheim California, just a few blocks from
> Disneyland.
> My wife Virginia and I packed our stuff into the trusty van, and drove 
> out from our home town of Aurora Colorado to take part in this show.
> On a straight through drive, we made a brief stop in Las Vegas for 
> a buffet at the Rio, "Voted the best in Las Vegas". Then miles down 
> the road the California Agricultural Department made us "eat or 
> throw away" our entire week's stock of "Organically Raised" mandarin 
> oranges before they let us pass.  We couldn't bear wasting them, and 
> they tasted good, but it *was* a bit much, eating those 40 oranges 
> all at once, especially on top of a buffet less than an hour earlier.  
> A few hours later we arrived at LA, and caught our first sleep.
> We were anticipating visiting the UCLA Linux users group along with 
> Jon "maddog" Hall, and Linus Torvalds, on Sunday but had forgotten to
> take our directions to get there.  I kept trying to call my contact
> for information (I learned the message on the answering machine by 
> heart).  We finally stopped at an electronics superstore, and used 
> WebTV to locate some references to the user group, but got very little 
> further info.  I called the president according to the web page 
> I located. He answered, but hadn't been connected with the group for 
> some time. As soon as he heard that Linus was going to be there, he
> immediately did an Alta Vista Search for the keywords:  UCLA Linux user 
> group, found where the meeting was, and then ran out to meet Linus.  
> I think he would looked the info up for me anyway, but to see Linus.... 
> He still had time to get to the meeting from where he was, but Virginia 
> & I unfortunately did not, as we were too far away.  I'll be smarter 
> next time as to how to find what I want on the 'net.  Glad someone 
> profited from it though!
> Monday while in Anaheim, Virginia and I had the opportunity to treat 
> Linus Torvalds to a day at Disneyland.  A picture was taken which we 
> will be putting on our Web site shortly if anyone would care to check 
> it out.  There is a link to it from 
> http://www.linuxmall.com/announce.html 
> Indiana Jones was the mutually preferred ride... Did you know that each
> of those cars in this ride costs over $600,000 between steel, hydraulics, 
> motors & computerization?
> Oh, and about the show, UseLinux (January 6-10, 1997) was great.  The 
> attendance combined with USENIX was 1444, and I was told that about
> 25% came specifically because of the Linux presence.
> UseLinux was billed as the Linux Applications Development and Deployment 
> Conference. It featured developers and business tracks, tutorials, 
> and invited talks.  There were also presentations and case studies where 
> we found out how things really work from speakers with real-life experience.  
> There was also a trade show with vendor booths.  UseLinux was sponsored 
> by Linux International and the USENIX Association.  For more information, 
> visit the USENIX Web site:  http://www.usenix.org
> I was on the organizing committee, and had been assigned 2 presentations 
> to do; in addition, Virginia and I staffed the WGS booth in the vendor 
> area.  It was neat to actually see various people a number of times, and 
> get to know quite a few.  I renewed friendships with people I had met
> before or knew only by E-mail, and made some new ones as well.  Some of 
> the names you would probably recognize so I'll mention a few here.  This 
> is not intended to be an inclusive, or for that matter an organized list,
> just off the top of my head:  Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, John "maddog" Hall, 
> Don Rosenberg, Michael K Johnson, Bob Young, Joel Goldberger, Erik Troan, 
> Greg Wettstein, Fred Ven Kempen, Bruce Perens, Phil Hughes, Miguel de Icaza, 
> Alessandro Rubini, Victor Yodaiken, Ted Tso, Heiko Eissfeldt, Bryan Sparks, 
> Jim Thompson, the PC TV people Tom Schauer, Giles Bateman and many more.  
> It is good to know that all the players in the Linux community 
> are so friendly and helpful toward each other.
> Virginia specifically wanted me to comment on how exciting it was to 
> meet more customers than I can list by name.  After knowing them only 
> as a voice on the phone, or someone at a remote keyboard, meeting them
> was a special treat.  We heartily thank our faithful and loyal customers
> who make this newsletter, and everything we accomplish, possible.  
> Without you we are nothing.  We especially appreciate the customers 
> that went about the show saying nice things about us to others, and 
> even sometimes butting in, and making a sale for us at our booth.  
> It was great.
> The highlight of the show for me was when Linus Torvalds' session 
> "The future of the Linux Kernel" started.  Here is how it went.
> Linus was assigned to talk in a fairly large room that had served 
> other Linux presentations well.  Before Linus even started the room 
> was stuffed, and a line formed down the hall.  The USENIX organizers 
> rushed over, and just as Linus started his presentation asked him to 
> move to the BIG room.  Well, we filled it too.  Linus had better 
> attendance than the keynote by James Gosling, of Java fame!  This 
> with no promotion for his session beyond it's listing in the show 
> guide. This session, along with several others is available on 
> video tape.  See below for more info on that.
> Virginia told me that the vendor area turned into a graveyard during 
> Linus' session... vendors were asking "Where did everyone go?".  There 
> were about 8 Linux related vendors there, and about 70 vendors of other 
> Unix related items.  Some had Linux portations, or drivers, and others 
> did not.  Apparently many of the non-Linux vendors went home 
> convinced that they needed to support this "Linux Stuff" yesterday!
> All the Linux sessions were pretty well attended; even the Linux sessions 
> on Friday, after the rest of the show had pretty much shut down, had 
> good attendance.
> A lot of other neat things happened at this show, and for any who
> did not make it there, I am sorry you could not come. It was
> a major success, and quite an experience.  
> After the show, Virginia and I drove back to Colorado again.  I think 
> that the ski resorts should pay me to drive back and forth through the 
> mountains.... EVERY time I go through there on a trip, snow hits either 
> going one way or the other. This is true even in the summer! It was a
> really big snow this time coming back.  The snow just kept getting 
> deeper and the freeway got worse & worse. The road really slick & piled 
> up by the time we got to Glenwood Springs.  So, we stopped at Yampah 
> Hot springs and visited the natural vapor caves for some relaxation.  
> I had never been there before. I would suggest anyone traveling through 
> on I-70 check it out.  Yampah vapor caves claim to be the ONLY natural 
> vapor caves in North America... a fabulous sauna...
> ====
> UseLinux video tape, Future of the Linux Kernel
> If you would like to get a video tape of some of the UseLinux sessions, 
> including Linus speaking on the "Future of the Linux Kernel" you can 
> contact the http://www.linuxmall.com and order item# 00128.  I had 
> originally only intended on recording these sessions for my own use.... 
> but so many people seeing me with a camera stopped me to ask for a copy 
> of the tape... I felt like I had to say yes.  I called to ask about 
> duplication charges, and calculated all the other related costs in making 
> this tape generally available.  The result is a single 6 hour video tape 
> (Recorded in Extended Play mode) for $29 plus shipping & handling.  We are 
> waiting to see how many orders we get before ordering the first batch of 
> duplicates, so place your order, be patient and we will ship it out to 
> you. This tape is in North American VHS format, and although it was 
> taped with a top notch Sony video camera with image stabalizing 
> technology, the nut behind the viewfinder didn't do the greatest job 
> of holding it still.  He forgot to bring a tripod, and sometimes things 
> are a bit shaky.  A few of the questions asked by the audience are hard 
> to hear... but the informational content is super, and also (amazingly) 
> relatively timeless.  All presenters that appear on the tape will be 
> sent a free copy upon request.  
> What is on the tape:
>  - Short intro by Virginia Lane, VP WGS
>  - Linus Torvalds, The Future of the Linux Kernel 1.5 hours
>  - Mark Bolzern, Linux: What it is, and Why it is significant .5 hours
>  - Don Rosenberg, Linux and distribution channels:   1 hour
>                   Ways to enter the Commercial market
>  - Jon "maddog" Hall, Using Linux in your business:  1.5 hours
>                       a Business Justification
>  - Jon "maddog" Hall, Bob Young   The Linux Market:  1.5 hours
>                       Who, What, Where, When and Why
> In the last session, Bob Young goes through his calculations of the
> size of the Linux market, and arrives at figures to support as many
> as up to Six Million users already.  Figures supplied independently 
> by some of the users of FreeBSD concur, as do my own calculations, 
> so this number is arrived at by several completely independent 
> calculations using different evidence.
> One of the things that freaked me out a bit at UseLinux was the number 
> of people running around asking when there was going to be a port of 
> CDE (Common Desktop Environment) when in fact WGS has been promoting 
> and shipping X-Inside's CDE for Linux and FreeBSD for several months 
> now.  It has been announced on COLA, I emailed announcements to everyone
> I knew to send them to, and here I was standing in my booth handing out 
> literature about it, I had literature set on the vendor tables outside... 
> and people were still asking the question.  Even so, we sold only a few
> copies of CDE there.
> But is CDE any good?  So far every user I have installed CDE for, does NOT
> want to give it up. The task bar is great, as is the calendar, and some
> of the other features.  You can see it at http://www.linuxmall.com
> ===
> Linus Version 2.0 ... It's a girl
> Born December 5, 1996 at 6:22 AM in Helsinki Finland, Patricia Miranda 
> Torvalds, daughter of Linus Torvalds and Tove Monni just had her naming 
> ceremony on January 18th, 1997 at her maternal grandparents' house in 
> Helsinki. Jon "maddog" Hall is Patricia's GodFather.  If you would like 
> to see Patricia, you can take a look at:
>  		http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/~torvalds/
> Congratulations Linus & Tove!
> ===
> Linux is InfoWorld's product (operating system) of the year!
> InfoWorld just named Red Hat 4.0 Linux, Product of the Year, and you
> can find the details at:
>     http://www.infoworld.com/cgi-bin/displayNew.pl?/poy/poydos.htm
> If you want your very own copy of Red Hat Linux 4.0, the Linux Shopping
> Mall has plenty of them in stock, and at a good price too!  See below 
> under "Special Offers" for more information.
> This award is on a par with the Best of Comdex award bestowed on 
> Linux Pro by BYTE Magazine about a year ago.... congratulations Red Hat, 
> way to go Linux!
> ===
> New Applixware 4.3 announced, Sale & Free upgrade on existing version
> Red Hat has announced that ApplixWare 4.3 will be available in March 1997,
> and until then the Existing ApplixWare 4.2 will sell for $199.  We also
> have plenty of stock at the Linux Shopping mall and will be selling it
> at $189.  It will include a free upgrade to version 4.3 as soon as it is
> available (price of shipping seperate).  See our special offers below.
> Quote form the Red Hat announcement
> >Based on the new release of Applixware 4.3, the Applix Office Suite
> >for Linux will include word processor, spreadsheet, presentation
> >graphics, mail and HTML authoring software.  The Office Suite will
> >sell for $199 and will include: two CDs (Applixware and Red Hat Linux
> >4.1), Applixware manual with documentation on Words, Spreadsheets and
> >Presentation Graphics, and 30 days of technical support.  Applixware
> >4.3 will include import and export filters for most word processors
> >and spreadsheets, including MSWord, WordPerfect and Excel.  This new
> >version will be available in March.
> >
> >With the release of the Applix Office Suite the Applixware family of
> >products for Linux will include:
> >
> >	Applixware 4.3 Developer's Version 	$495
> >	Applixware 4.3 Office Suite		$199
> >	Applixware 4.3 Student Version		$79.95
> >	Applixware 4.3 Manual			$39.95
> For upgrade policy and other information check our Web Site at
> http://www.linuxmall.com
> ===
> Red Hat Linux 4.1 released
> Red Hat Linux 4.1 has just been released.  If you want one, then
> free to call us and order your "Official Red Hat Linux verson 4.1"
> It is Linux Shopping Mall part number# 00103, more information was
> not available at press time.  There will be more information
> on our Web Site at http://www.linuxmall.com shortly.
> ===
> -Caldera Open Linux Base shipping
> Caldera has a new Linux out called Caldera OpenLinux Base...  and 
> this is available at the Linux Shopping Mall too!  This Linux is 
> actively working towards certification for standards such as IEEE 
> POSIX, and X/Open XPG (UNIX System Standards).  It is also the official 
> upgrade path for Lasermoon customers.  This product is a complete 
> reinstallation, even if you own Caldera Network Desktop, not an 
> upgrade.  It is Part# 00106.  OpenLinux base uses a Linux 2.0.x kernel, 
> includes NetScape navigator and more...  see http://www.linuxmall.com 
> for more information.
> ===
> Will you be at Uniforum 97?  I will be.  I would like for the Linux
> community to have as big an impact at Uniforum as it did at USENIX
> where Linux/UseLinux literally stole the show, after barely making it's
> presence known the prior year. UseLinux at USENIX made a lot of people 
> take Linux seriously that had not before.   We have not had enough
> preparation this year to make the same kind of impact at UniForum, 
> but if we have a big enough showing.... next year could be the year...  
> think of it: UniForum/LinuxForum...  
> Remember the issues mentioned to me by COMDEX show management in 
> newsletter issue#2, available at http://www.linuxmall.com/announce.html
> Please note that SoftBank COMDEX HAS reprinted the UniForum brochure 
> which they are mailing out continually. It specifically mentions the 
> Linux Technology Pavilion on page 3 (the first right hand inside page).  
> It is presented so it stands out quite well. Thank you SoftBank COMDEX.
> You can register for FREE exhibits passes to UniForum and register for 
> the conference at http://vip.uniforum97.com 
> You can come see the latest Linux developments at the Linux Pavilion,
> and attend the Linux BOF.  You can wander the show and tell all the
> vendors how important it is to them to have a Linux Port.  Most vendors
> already have a Linux port internally, but a marketing decision is needed
> to make the product be released.  
> Volunteers are needed to help Linux International staff its booth at 
> Uniforum 97, and you can indicate interest by writing to comdex@li.org  
> (Uniforum is a SoftBank Comdex show), and generally by your presence 
> at the show help Linux to impact Uniforum just as UseLinux practically
> took over USENIX a few weeks ago.
> ===
> -SoftBank Comdex participation Spring and Fall, Linux Vendors needed.
> If you are a vendor of anything at all related to Linux, you will want
> to be part of the Linux International Pavilion at both Spring and Fall
> Comdex shows.  Contact SoftBank Comdex at http://www.comdex.com.  
> Bill Gates will be keynoting there at the spring show.  If we can 
> get enough draw and participation maybe we can get Linus invited as 
> a keynoter in future years!  With Linux now having 6 million estimated
> users worldwide in addition to getting top awards from both BYTE and 
> InfoWorld magazines now, it should only be a matter of time.
> The Spring Comdex is in Atlanta, Georgia, June 2-5, 1997
> The Fall Comdex is in Las Vegas Nevada, November 17-21, 1997
> In the meantime, maybe we can get Softbank to list a Linux Pavilion
> and Linux in general on their Web pages at each show (Spring & Fall COMDEX).  
> Maybe we can even coordinate some Linux sessions for the Fall show!
> It all depends on the support Linux International gets from the Linux
> community in terms of vendor booths and attendance.  So please help
> us help Linux to take its rightful place in the press and in the 
> public consciousness as the #4 operating system in the world already, 
> and climbing fast!
> We will be asking for volunteers for the Linux International Pavilion 
> & Booth about a month before each show, but you can get your message 
> indicating interest in helping at any COMDEX show to comdex@li.org at 
> any time.  Please be sure to let us know us which show you want to 
> help with!  Let your voice be heard, help out!
> ===
> The MIT Wearable Computing project
> Here is a neat use for Linux: 
> http://wearables.www.media.mit.edu/projects/wearables 
> uses solely Linux for development of their machines.  The reasons are 
> obvious (fast turn around on fixes, advanced OS, small/fast, access to 
> code, cheap, etc.). 
> ===
> For those who do not yet know it, one of the largest Usenet News
> archives on the Internet uses Linux to run their operation.
> hit http://www.dejanews.com/dnabout.html
> and http://www.dejanews.com/dnwhy.html
> This amazing site uses 2 Linux machines to handle nearly instant
> searches on over 80 million news articles making up over 120 Gigabytes
> of database.
> ===
> -Did you know?
> Have you ever wanted to run Microsoft Office on Linux?
> WABI as ported to Linux by the Caldera people is the way that you
> can run Microsoft Office through version 4.3, and also many other
> 16-bit MS-Windows applications on your Linux system.  Most MS-Win
> applications run faster on WABI/Linux than natively using 
> MS-Windows/DOS on the same hardware!
> Do you want a Microsoft Office-like suite native to Linux?  
> ApplixWare works VERY nicely.  What is more, this is not some
> unknown package, This is the Number One GUI office suite for 
> Unix systems specifically ported to run natively on Linux.
> Or would you like a very friendly desktop on your Linux system that even 
> neophytes will love? CDE is the Common Desktop environment. I have yet
> to find a CDE user that will let me reinstall fvwm.  CDE users love it. 
> Programmers also get a raft of great tools including full Motif 1.2.5,
> Sunsoft's Tooltalk and more.
> --
> To keep up the Linux promotional work, money must be spent.  I order 
> to make money we sell any and all the excellent Linux items we can find, 
> so any time you need or want a Linux related item, check us out at the
> Linux Shopping Mall. Remember that your purchase not only gets you a 
> great product at a good price, but it also supports the advancement of 
> Linux in a very significant way.
> About the specials... in order to get these prices you **MUST** 
> provide the offer code WEX020  when you contact us.  A Shipping & 
> Handling charge will also be added to the price listed so that we
> can send it to you in a decent box that will protect the product.
> Offer # WEX020  Quantities in stock are limited.  
> Prices expire Feb 28, 1997, or when current supplies run out, and this
> is NOT a complete list of what we carry.
> Item#  Offer
> 00128  Video from UseLinux, Linus, "Future of the Linux Kernel"....... $29
>        Mark, Don, Maddog, Bob and more.  See above for full description.
> 00103  Red Hat Official Linux version 4.1 with Metro-X, $49, on sale   $39
> 00080  Red Hat Official Linux version 4.0 with Metro-X, $49, clearance $29
>   v4.0-InfoWorld's Operating System of the year! Includes printed Manual
> 00106  Caldera Open Linux Base ... Caldera the next generation........ $59
> 00094  Caldera WABI, run Microsoft Windows 16bit software on Linux .. $199
> 00099  Caldera Internet Office Suite including Word Perfect ......... $325
> 00098  Caldera Word Perfect & Motif bundle .......................... $225
> 00078  ApplixWare GUI Office Suite Professional Edition $495, on sale $189
>         Includes Free upgrade to version 4.3 as soon as available.
> 00079  ApplixWare GUI Office Suite Education Edition  $79, on sale at  $69
>  (same as Pro Ed, fax of student id or faculty id proves that you qualify)
> 00021  X-Inside Accelerated X-Server/Common Desktop/Motif Bundle at   $249
> 00025  Linux Pro 4.0 6 CD Set, normally $49 on sale at ............... $39
> 00024  Linux Pro Plus 4.0  Six CDs and 1600 pages Normally $99........ $69
>        BYTE Magazine's Best of Comdex winner
> 00002  Linux Encyclopedia, LDP, 1600pg, 4th edition, $49 on sale ..... $39
> 00062  FlagShip CD containing test drives and activatable versions
>         of FlagShip for most variants of UNIX and also Linux.  
>         Includes Linux Single user key, normally $220, sale price ... $149 
> The above are our featured items this month.  If you wish to purchase ANY 
> Linux related items visit http://www.linuxmall.com and browse our catalog. 
> If you do not find what you want, please let us know.  You can also email 
> sales@wgs.com, call 800-234-7813, or 970-346-4603, or Fax 303-699-2893.
> Our order center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
> ===
> The "Linux Newsletter" is intended to keep you current with what is 
> going on inside & outside the Linux community. We believe that "The 
> LINUX Way" embodies the FREEDOM to choose.  Our perspective is one 
> of reporting substantial occurrences that affect acceptance of Linux.  
> This includes significant commercial product releases.  We are strongly 
> in favor of Linux and its related products in a homogeneous network with, 
> or as a viable alternative to, other operating systems and products.  
> We intend not only to report on the market, but to help create it by 
> dissemination of information and presentation of opportunities. The 
> author is Mark Bolzern.  If you want to know a more about me (many have 
> asked), visit http://www.linuxmall.com/announce.html, read the bottom item.
> Back issues of the Linux Newsletter can also be found at the above URL.
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> productive... Our objective is to serve and inform those who wish it.
> --
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