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Re: Beam me up, Scotty ...

>>>>> "hjp" == Peter J Holzer <hjp@SiKitu.wsr.ac.at> writes:

hjp> ... there's no intelligent life down here:
hjp> |3.116% telnet guide-p.infoseek.com 80
hjp> |Trying
hjp> |Connected to proxy3-bbn.infoseek.com.
hjp> |Escape character is '^]'.
hjp> |HEAD / HTTP/1.0
hjp> |
hjp> |HTTP/1.0 200 OK
hjp> |MIME-Version: 1.0
hjp> |Content-type: text/html
hjp> |Set-Cookie: InfoseekUserId=991292916B0AE788E742C18A13045D28;
hjp> |domain=.infoseek.com; path=/; expires=Monday, 19-Jan-98 11:20:10 GMT
hjp> |
hjp> |
hjp> |<html>
hjp> |<head>
hjp> |<title>Infoseek</title>
hjp> |<META name="description" content="Home page for Infoseek, proof of
hjp> |intelligent life on the net!  Search and browse the Net for free!">
hjp> [...]

hjp> 'nuff said.

Long known bug of Microsoft HTTP Server.

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