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Linux Newsletter Volume 1, 12/5/96 (fwd)

Some interesting statistics and a questionaire. Maybe someone likes to fill

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Subject: Linux Newsletter Volume 1, 12/5/96
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** Table of Contents

	- Press Attention
	- Survey Results
	- Comdex Report
	- Linux Trademark Dispute

Good news everyone!  

We (The Linux Community) are finally getting the eye from the big 
mainstream press as more than just a curiosity.

Jim Mohr, author of "Inside SCO Unix", writer for BYTE Magazine and
several other publications, is authoring a book for Prentice Hall 
entitled "LINUX Business User's Resource".  If you are using Linux
at work or for work he wants to know about it, and has given me
the following questionnaire to send out. 

Jim intends to include as many of the replies as he can in both his
book and future articles.  If you have something you cannot talk
about yet, but can in the future... let us know it is happening
without names.... and then tell us when we can talk about it.  
Truly Linux is taking off.  Oh, and in case you are wondering,
this book when published will include a free Linux Pro 4.0a main CD.

You may reply to Jim directly, but please cc wgsnews@wgs.com, as we have
other well known members of the press asking us similar questions.

If you want publicity for your company, for Linux, for yourself, this
is your opportunity.  His address is 100542.2677@compuserve.com

*NEXT* a report on Comdex Fall/96, but first here are Jim's questions.  


How long have the different people in your organization 
been working with Linux?

In what way do you currently use Linux? (i.e., just as an 
Internet server, running some of your internal applications, 
exclusively?) What versions?

If you run applications on Linux, which one(s)?

Of the applications you run on Linux, have you run the same 
application on any other operating system? How do they compare? 

How many people within your organization use Linux?

What do you feel are Linux's strong points/advantages? 

Weak points/disadvantages?

I have installed and worked with half a dozen different Linux 
versions, each has its own pluses and minus.
What version do you recommend over another? 

What can this version offer me that makes it that much better 
than the others?

Do you use other operating systems? Which one(s)? How do they 
compare to Linux?

Linux is still not considered a legitimate operating system by 
most of mainstream media. What is your response to this comment?

How do you think the attitude is changing?

Many companies do not accept Linux because there is no large corporation 
standing behind it. I often see the attitude that something for free 
can't be worth much. What is your response to this comment?

How do you think the attitude mentioned above is changing?

What needs to be done to change the attitude of corporations to begin 
accepting Linux?


Comdex report:

At Comdex/96, North America's largest computer trade show, WGS offered 
a FREE Pentium computer to people for filling out a survey.  One of the 
survey questions was "Do you use Linux  Yes / No".  There was absolutely
no reason why people would lie on it as they could win either way.  Our
preliminary count is that over 45% of the respondents said yes!  We got
enough surveys filled out for statistical accuracy at the 250,000 attendee
show.  This is mind boggling, as we expected around 5%.  Incidentally, the
computer winner will be selected by a random number generator after all
the data entry is done.  I don't expect this to happen till after the
first of the year.  The winner will be posted on our Web pages at 

Also substantiating these results is a survey by IX Magazine in Europe 
that was passed to me as follows:

>From: Martin Michlmayr <tbm@sypher.com>
>Subject: Survey shows Linux is the most used Unix
>Organization: Linux International
>According to a survey among a partial readership of iX, a German magazine
>devoted to Unix and networking, Linux is used at work by 45% of the
>readers.  Solaris 1 and 2 taken together come second with 36%, followed
>by HP-UX with 27%.
>56% of companies with less than 50 employees use Linux whereas it is used
>by 38% of firms with more than 1,000 employees.
>In addition, 60% of the readers use Linux on their computers at home.

Additionally, recently BYTE magazine reported that LINUX was one of the
very most used search keywords on their popular BIX information service!

More good news is that the Linux Technology Showcase came off quite
well despite being in the least visited hall at Fall Comdex, and despite
Softbank's falling down on their part of the promotion for it.  Linux
Journal gave away more magazines than they ever have at any other show.
They would have given away more... but for the fact that they ran out
and couldn't get more because of the snowstorm going on in Seattle.

I very much want to thank the volunteers that helped to man the Linux
International booth which I arranged and managed. The Volunteers also 
helped out the other Linux vendors who attended.  

ALL booths were filled!, and we had to turn some vendors down!  I hope
that everyone will respond earlier for next year, and that SoftBank
will take pinning down the location and the promotion of the showcase
more seriously.  After this year's experience and all the last minute
shuffle that was needed I am sure that this will be the case.

We had a 40x40 space this year, and Linux Journal ended up being
banished a row back... next year I hope that we will have everything
go smoothly with at least a 40x80.... which puts the Linux community
at least on par with the space taken by the largest of exhibitors 
at COMDEX!  

Growth like this cannot be ignored, by the media, and I strongly encourage 
everyone and anyone to join Linux International as a vendor,  as a volunteer
or as a user group.  More info can be found at the LI site at

Participating Vendors:

Linux International      S8119   WorkGroup Solutions      S8118
Red Hat Software         S8121   Linux Journal/SSC        S8418
Digital Equipment Corp   S8218   Linux Hardware Solutions S8221
CraftWorks               S8220   Yggdrasil                S8219
InfoMagic                S8319   Kaspar & Associates      S8319

Ardi with Executor, X-Inside with CDE, Accelerated-X Server and Motif,
as well as H&L software with Ishmail appeared in the WGS Booth.  Caldera 
chose not to support the effort, and ended up being in concert with Novell.  
Pacific HiTek responded too late and as such were in another area on their 
own, as was Walnut Creek who did not communicate with us at all.


Everyone promoted Linux while wandering the show, as well as worked
their shifts in the LI booth, got lunches for others, and did other errands 
as necessary.  This included nicely asking about Linux portations for 
interesting products, handing out Linux Literature, asking about Linux 
Drivers for interesting hardware, etc.

We tried to schedule for 5 people at the LI booth at all times.
This way there were always people to help with the greater Linux Showcase,
and also such mundane things as covering for others' trips to the bathroom.  

WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. rented a couple of extra hotel rooms for
volunteers that could not afford their own, and did not mind throwing sleeping
bags on the floor.  It was like camping.

All went hectic and well, a lot of fun was had by all.

Thanks to: 
Marc Merlin, Ted Dillenkofer, Bryan Andregg, Frederick Nacino, 
Ron & Jeri Traub, David Bedell, Danny Sung, Chris Winters, Anthony Urso,
Tobin Fricke, Matt Cross, Howard Smith, Gordon Pedersen, Brian McGinnis, 
Micheal Micek, Thomas Davis, Vladek Majewsky, Cliff Matthews, Lee Roder,
Bonnie Brodsky, Brian Rogers, Jon "maddog" Hall, and I hope I am not
forgetting anyone.

Very special thanks to 
Bob Tellefson who had to rush home after the first day on an emergency
but worked very hard while there.

Super Special Thanks to:
Jim Dawson who made it possible to get the hotel arrangements,
allowed people to stay with him, and was generally helpful
and upbeat besides.
Steve Harrington, who was absolutely invaluable with his efficiency
organizational skills and willingness to help. He was always in the
right place a the right time.  Because of his exceptional help, Steve 
was given the WABI that was displayed by Caldera at the LI booth as 
his thanks.  (Please note, WGS will be carrying and selling WABI as 
soon as the details are worked out, I am test installing it as I write)

Finally a short report on the Linux Trademark Dispute, for those of
you who keep calling, and writing to ask.

Yes, the trademark dispute is still going on.  WGS hired an attorney, 
and then in turn Linux International and others wished to participate.
We hope to do an update posting soon.  In the meantime William R. Della
Croche still holds the Linux Trademark.  A petition for cancellation
is being prepared to be filed by WGS, Linux International (including its 
membership by reference), Linux Journal/SSC, Yggdrasil, and last but not
least, Linus Torvalds.

There are certain occurrences that we are waiting for in order to do a
more complete update.  Please be patient.

Thank you very much for your support which in turn makes it possible
for us to accomplish what we do.

Mark Bolzern
WorkGroup Solutions, Inc
                        Michael P. Demelbauer
          WSR (Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliches Rechenzentrum)	
			LUGA (Linux User Group Austria)
          Harrwitz gehoerte zu jenen Spielern, die unertraeglich waren,
	      wenn sie gewannen und unausstehlich, wenn sie verloren.
	      (ein Zeitgenosse ueber den Schachmeister Harrwitz)

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