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Re: What's "gaudy" mode

V.Grabner wrote:
>       -G     Enable gaudy mode.
>                     ^^^^^
>       -g     Disable gaudy mode (default).
>Hmm ..., könnte man fast mißverstehen :-), aber was heißt das wirklich ?

Nicht verzagen, Webster fragen:

Webster Definition for "gaudy"

1. gaudy \-e-\ aj : ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamentedDY implies
a tasteless use of overly bright colors or lavish ornamentation; TAWDRY
implies both gaudiness and cheapness of quality; GARISH stresses an
unpleasant brightness; FLASHY implies momentarily brilliant performance
or display that is likely to prove shallow or vulgar; MERETRICIOUS
applies to what is superficially attractive or plausible but lacking
sincerity or sound basis SYN syn TAWDRY, GARISH, FLASHY, MERETRICIOUS:

2. gau.dy \'go.d-e-, 'ga:d-\ n [prob. fr. L gaudium joy - more at JOY] :
a feast or entertainment esp. in the form of an annual college dinner in
a British university

Die erste Definition wird's wohl sein.


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