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[comp.windows.x.announce] Announcing the Release of XFree86[TM} 3.2 (2/2)

     o  Tekelec Airtronic GmbH <http://www.tekelec.com>, Muenchen,

     o  Jim Tsillas

     o  Trans-Ameritech Enterprises, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

     o  Unifix Software GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany

     o  Vixie Enterprises <http://www.vix.com/>, La Honda, CA

     o  Walnut Creek CDROM <http://www.cdrom.com/>, Concord, CA

     o  Xtreme s.a.s. <http://www.xfree86.org/xtreme>, Livorno, Italy

  The XFree86 Project, Inc, welcomes the additional contribution of
  funding and/or equipment.  Such contributions should be tax-
  deductible; we will know for certain when the lawyers get finished
  with the papers.  For more information, contact The XFree86 Project,
  Inc, at <BOD@XFree86.org>

  8.  Source and binary archive sites

  Source patches are available to upgrade X11R6.1 PL1 from the X
  Consortium to XFree86 3.2.  They and binaries for many OSs are
  available via anonymous FTP from:

     o  ftp://ftp.XFree86.org/pub/XFree86

  and the following mirror sites:

     o  North America:

        +  ftp://ftp.gw.com/pub/unix/XFree86 (source and NetBSD

     o  Europe:

        +  ftp://ftp.fee.vutbr.cz/pub/XFree86 (source patches and

        +  ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/xfree86/XFree86 (source and binaries)

        +  ftp://ftp.ibp.fr/pub/X11/XFree86/XFree86 (source and

        +  ftp://ftp.laas.fr/pub/ii/NetBSD/XFree86 (NetBSD binaries

     o  Asia/Australia:

        +  ftp://x.physics.usyd.edu.au/pub/XFree86 (source and binaries)

  Refer to the README file under the specified directory for information
  on which files you need to get to build your distribution.

  Ensure that you are getting XFree86 3.2 - some of these sites may
  archive older releases as well.  Check the RELNOTES to find which
  files you need to take from the archive.
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