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Subject: New Book In the Prentice Hall Object-Oriented Series
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Developers in finance, telecommunications, science, numerical software 
and other "non-traditional"  industries now have an Object-Oriented 
book that addresses their needs and considerations.

Prentice Hall and its editor for the Object Oriented Series are proud to
announce the publication of the book

	Object Technology for Scientific Computing
	Object-Oriented Numerical Software in Eiffel and C

by Paul Dubois, editor of the Scientific Programming Department
of "Computers in Physics".

Paul Dubois is the designer of the EiffelMath library
(see http://www.eiffel.com/products/math.html), a thoroughly O-O
approach to numerical computation, internally based on the
NAG library and applying all the abstraction facilities of
object technology (classes, Design by Contract, assertions,
exception handling, single and multiple inheritance, deferred
classes etc.).  Readers also receive a CD with the Free Eiffel 
for Windows environment.

No more interminable argument lists, complicated error processing, 
low-level manipulations.  The concepts are simple, easy to learn 
abstractions; engineers and scientists developing software can rely 
directly  on familiar concepts such as DIFFERENTIAL_EQUATION, 

To celebrate the publication of this ground breaking text ISE, Inc 
is offering, through November 30th, an exceptional introductory discount 
of 40% on EiffelMath. 

Table of contents:

	1. The lifecycle of scientific software
	2. Basic concepts of object technology
	3. The Eiffel method
	4. Performance: object technology is fast enough.
	5. Eiffel-C interfacing.
	6. Encapsulating C structures.
	7. Programming in multiple languages
	8. Eiffel routines as arguments
	9. The design of an object-oriented numerical library
	10. Support classes
	11. Solution of eigenproblems
	12. Solution of linear equations
	13. Fast Fourier Transforms
	14. Fitting and interpolation
	15. Numerical integration
	16. Ordinary differential equations
	17. Non-Linear Optimization
	18. Orthogonal factorizations and linear least squares
	19. Probability and statistics
	20. Regression
	21. Special functions
	22. The transportation problem
	23. Time series analysis
	24. Solution of nonlinear equations
	25. Error control

	Prentice Hall, 1996, paper, 350 pages
	Object-Oriented Series
	ISBN 0-13-267808-X
	Accompanying CD comes with the Free Eiffel for Windows environment.
	Price (from PH catalog): $40.00 

TO ORDER Object Technology for Scientific Computing simply call Prentice
Hall at (800) 922-0579


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	ISE products. If it is sent to you in error and you wish your
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	address that you wish to be removed.

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