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Fwd: Do they ever test their programs

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From: M.Hauswirth@infosys.tuwien.ac.at
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 08:40:46 +0200
Sender: pooh@infosys.tuwien.ac.at

I got the following error after having submitted one of Microsoft's required
download forms:

Error Performing Query

       [State=22001][Error=8152][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
       Driver][SQL Server]Column 'url' of table 'DevOnly.dbo.javareg'
       cannot accept 43 bytes (40 max). 
       [State=01000][Error=3621][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
       Driver][SQL Server]Command has been aborted. 

Hmm. 8.3 filesystems, 40 char URLs, what's next Bill ?


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