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interested in a new CDE-Dektop?

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> From gcs!gcs.com!wgsnews@rmi.net Sat Oct 19 04:42:23 MES 1996
> From: WGS News <wgsnews@gcs.com>
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> Subject: The wait is over ..
> Date: Fri, 18 Oct 96 20:16:25 MDT
> Message-Id:  <9610182016.aa14953@gcs.gcs.com>
> Announcing Linux Pro Desktop 1.0. The same great new desktop found
> on most major versions of Unix has finally been ported to Linux. 
> But there's more to this baby than its good looks...
> Linux Pro Desktop is actually here. That's right. It's shipping now.
> And in case you weren't quite sure what Linux Pro Desktop including CDE
> means to you, here's how you'll benefit:
> * It contains Linux Pro Plus-- a more stable, more fully-debugged,
>   and easy-to-use Award-Winning version of Linux...  Unlike other
>   enhanced versions of Linux, we provide the copyable and non-
>   copyable portions on seperate CDs so you can readily identify
>   the parts you are encouraged to share.
> * Common User Environment, an easy to use desktop with all the 
>   functionality and applets that a User would expect of a 
>   sophisticated GUI including fabulous deskset applications such
>   as a a multi-user calendar, desktop customization and much more.
> * It's an inexpensive development platform for CDE-aware applications
>   for ANY Unix system...
> * It's a single set of programming interfaces, platforms, and APIs that
>   support the X Windows System and OSF/Motif for a common GUI look and 
>   feel...  It includes full Motif 1.2.5, Sunsoft's Tooltalk and more.
> * It does Drag & Drop, plus neat features like the ability to launch 
>   programs from the file manager by file type...and so much more!
> * It's fully INTERNATIONALIZED, including English, French, Italian,
>   German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean
> * It includes the latest version of the Accelerated X-Server (Version
>   2.1) for the best possible performance, full Motif and a full array 
>   of user tools, network tools, deskset applications, 
>   development tools and more!
> * Much more.... see http://www.linuxmall.com for details!
> CDE is becomming a part of every major Unix system on the market. 
> Linux Pro Desktop is a must for anyone who wants to make the most 
> of this Common Desktop development opportunity!
> If purchased separately, you'd have to pay $546 for all this software. But 
> for a limited time, you can have Linux Pro Desktop for the special
> introductory price of just $299. 
> If you're already a Linux Pro 4.0 user, you can purchase CDE for just $249. 
>  ****CDE will probably work on other versions of Linux-- 
>      but we don't guarantee it.
> So take advantage of this special offer. You'll find that this Common
> Desktop offer is so uncommon, you can't pass it up! Order today!
> Want more info? Visit our web site where you will find extensive information,  
>     http://www.linuxmall.com   
> You can call to order at 800-234-7813, or 970-346-4603 Fax 303-699-2793
> or email sales@wgs.com
> Please mention offer number WEX017 when you communicate with us.
> ---
> PS.  This item is being sent only to a list of people that have communicated 
> with us in some fashion over the years about one or more of our products.  
> If you do not wish to be included, just reply with "REMOVE" in the subject
> line.  If you have requested removal previously, and still got this
> message, then please ask again, It is rare, but occasionally we mess up.  
> We do not wish to annoy (that would be counter productive) but rather 
> just to inform those interested in Linux or FlagShip.
> --
>               sales@wgs.com         WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. 
> Find all your Linux needs at the All-Linux Shopping Mall, online at our site
>      mailto:sales@wgs.com, http://www.linuxmall.com,  ftp://ftp.wgs.com
>           Orders: 800-234-7813 or 970-346-4603  Fax: 303-699-2793 

                        Michael P. Demelbauer
          WSR (Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliches Rechenzentrum)	
			LUGA (Linux User Group Austria)
          Harrwitz gehoerte zu jenen Spielern, die unertraeglich waren
	      wenn sie gewannen und unausstehlich wenn sie verloren.
	      (ein Zeitgenosse ueber den Schachmeister Harrwitz)

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