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Subject: The Need For SPEED
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 96 21:51:32 MDT
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Sender: michael

Do you feel the need...
                            ...the need for SPEED?

If you think this message is a spam, see the paragraph in the PPS at the
end of this message.

Then you'll be pleased to know that the new Accelerated-X Server 
Version 2.1 is here!  If you don't already own Linux, check our
Web Server for Linux Pro Plus!

Here's why Accelerated-X Server is essential for your Linux machine:

* It's the worlds fastest, easiest to install, and most compatible X Server
  available. In fact, this baby has been clocked at OVER A MILLION X-Stones.
  Nothing else even comes close...

* It contains a full Linux port of the X Windows X11R6.1 Graphics Engine, 
  -- the latest AND greatest tool for X Windowing ...

* It supports MANY more graphics boards than ever before ...

* It's CDE-ready and capable.  That's right, the Common Desktop Environment
  for Linux will be here soon.  CDE has already completed beta testing
  and the Gold CD is on its way to production.  Only Accelerated-X 
  Server 2.1 will support CDE (Official announcment to come shortly)!  

Developed by X Inside, Accelerated X Version 2.1 is just what your PC needs
to GREATLY improve graphics speed.  Not only does it support many more
graphics cards than XFree86, but it also supports many of the proprietary
cards that XFree86 may never support!

In a nutshell, Accelerated X 2.1 makes MAXIMUM use of the acceleration
features already available on your video card for 30 times (or better)
performance than you are getting without it.. Plus, AX 2.1 gives you the 
best possible GUI windowing performance from your PC.  

And it's available for only $99!

Best of all, it's ready to support CDE, which will be available for Linux 
in less than 30 days, and is on its way to replication and production as 
I write.   So, if you want CDE, stand by for that announcment shortly too!  

Call today for the latest and greatest! Accelerated-X Server version 2.1,  
and let your Linux PC live up to its full graphics potential!  Nothing
else comes close.

End User and Dealer inquiries welcome

Purchase or not, please contact us to request a copy of our free 
   All-Linux Shopping Mall Catalog.
Ordering Info:  Please tell us you saw it in your E-Mail by 
providing the the offer code WEX016 when you call or write.
Call or send this form to:
  WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. Department WEX016
  PO Box 460190, Aurora CO  80046-0190   USA
  http://www.wgs.com ftp://ftp.wgs.com email: sales@wgs.com
   Tel: +1-800-234-7813   Tel: +1-303-693-3321   Fax: +1-303-699-2793
Order Form: Offer #WEX016

I include/authorize $10 US and Canada via UPS Ground, or $35 for
  International Postal Shipping & Handling.  

Your Name                :___________________________________
Company Name             :___________________________________
Address                  :___________________________________
City, State, Zip         :___________________________________
Country                  :___________________________________
  Is this a home address? Y / N, a work address? Y / N, or other?___________ 
Home Phone Number        :________________    
Work Phone Number        :________________    
Fax Number               :________________
E-Mail ID                :___________________________________
Amex/MC/Visa/Discover or Check#	:___________________________  Exp. Date:______
Name on Card             :_________________________________________
Signature(if Fax or Mail):_________________________________________

Thank you very much for your support

Mark Bolzern, President WGS
Member Board of Directors, Linux International
With regard to the attack made on WGS, as well as the Greater Linux Community
by William R. Della Croche claiming that he owns the Linux Trademark... 
There is no way this is true.  We have retained an attorney and will be making 
a public announcement soon that benefits the entire Linux community.
Thousands are aware of this situation, and have offered to help.  The best 
help you could give us, is to see if there is something we offer in our Linux 
Shopping mall that you would like to own, and if so buy it. We add new products
almost daily. If you don't see what you want, ask, or refer a friend to us.  
Thank you!
Please Note, we do not "spam", we send email and faxes only to people who
have previously received product from us, participated in one of our 
drawings at user groups, trade shows, and by mail as well as people who 
have contacted us for information in the past.  If you do not wish to be 
on our broadcast mailing list, kindly just say so.  If you wish to be 
removed from our database entirely, that is possible too.  Just ask.  
We suggest that you reply to our message, (and include the message you 
received complete with header information), with the subject: 
"Remove Me from list" or "Remove me from database" or "Send future 
communications to: xxx" where xxx is an email address, a fax number or 
a snail mail address.
  News & Information Account:  wgsnews@wgs.com   WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. 
Find all your Linux needs at the All-Linux Shopping Mall, online at our site
       mailto:info@wgs.com, http://www.wgs.com,  ftp://ftp.wgs.com
    Telephone: 303-699-7470  Fax: 303-699-2793  Orders: 800-234-7813

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