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Ich geb's ja zu!!!!

...daß es das bei LINUX nie geben würde

In all your funning with NT4 Server, keep the following in mind, from
an NT discussion group:

>At our workplace we have an NT Server running that free MS WEB server we 
>downloaded a couple months ago (plus other software).  We also have a 
>Unix server used as a dial-out machine for our Internet gateway.  Someone 
>noticed UDP packets being generated for the above address by the NT 
>Server.  We tracked this for a few days and found that it was only the NT 
>Server broadcasting these messages (we also have Windows95, Windows 3.11, 
>Mac machines).  The messages are broadcast several times during the day 
>but not between 12 AM to 6AM - none of us are deliberately doing this.  
>The packets are around 1500 bytes in length.  Nslookup told us the name  
>for that IP address is "MICROSOFT.MCAST.NET".

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