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Jetzt wird dann wild ...

On Tue, 3 Sep 1996, Gregory Massel wrote:

> AlterNIC is one big scam.
> I'm sorry, but there is no way I'd support a scheme that bypasses all the
> standards of the net and tries to break the net apart into two halves
> of which one is inaccessible to the other.
> Its not going to work. AlterNIC is a bad joke.

first I heard of them... just looked up on www.alternic.net.

it seems someone is trying to make fast bucks. the technology is there,
but they want to take a bite and set standards and territories before any
official announcements from IANA.

Basically what you do is set your named to look at their top DNS
(.biz, .auto, .eur, .xxx and more) machines. costs the same as with the
Internic (what's the big deal then?) $50 a year

Anyone can have his own top domain! don't be fooled! you just have to play
around with your configs! the problem is that only people pointing at your
server will see it! their servers are NOT on the backbone, they don't give
much info about their stability and bandwidth either, yet they charged the
overpriced fees of Internic!

now for the best part: they let you register your own root with their
service for "only $1200 a year" :-)

I found no official refference to them, which means they are not synched
with IANA, IETF, ISOC or any other official "internet authorities".
However, IANA's plans are around the corner:


New Registries and Domains Summary

The IANA has prepared the "final" version of the plan for establishing new
registries with new top-level domains. 

   In a nutshell the plan calls for the following steps: 

     1. Form an "ad hoc committee" to process applications for new
        registries (by early September). 

     2. Have the committee produce final specifications for the
        applications (during September). 

     3. Announce the specification and open the period for accepting
        applications (by early October). 

     4. At the close of the period for accepting applications (end of
        November), the committee reviews the applications and
        selects the organizations to be new registries (by early

     5. The Internet Society contracts with the selected organizations
        (during January). 

     6. The new registries are in service (at the end of January). 

   Common questions:

Q1: Why is this being done ? 

A1: To introduce competition in the top-level domain registration business
so that market forces will ensure fair prices for good services.

Q2: How many new registries will there be ? 

A2: We don't know. It depends on the applications and the selections by
the ad hoc committee. It could be as many as about two dozen in the US and
as many more in other countries around the world.

Q3: What will the new top-level domains be? 

A3: We don't know yet. The organizations proposing to be registries each
suggest the three new domain names they want to manage. The ad hoc
committee reviewing the proposals will sort that out.

Q4: How is the ad hoc committee selected ? 

A4: Members of the committee are appointed by the IANA, the President of
the Internet Society, and the Chair of the Internet Architecture Board.
The committee members have not been selected yet.

Q5: Is there a fee paid by the new registries, and if so where does the
money go ?

A5: A small fixed fee ($2000/yr) plus a small percentage (2%) of the
income from registrations are to be paid by the registries into a fund
managed by the Internet Society. This fund will be used to pay for the
central Internet infrastructure (for example, maintenance of the root

Q6: How does this impact existing registrations ? 

A6: Existing registrations and services continue as before. This adds new
options in parallel to the existing operations.

Q7: How do trademarks interact with this plan ? 

A7: Trademarks are a complicated problem in their own right. There are
aspects of this plan that may ease the problems involved with the
interaction of trademarks and domain names by giving more access to domain
names for holders of the same trademark in different business areas. 

Q8: How do i get more information about this ? 

A8: Check out New Registries Plans

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