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> How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
> In C it would take three programmers, and the bulb would have to be removed
> and reinserted several times before they got it to work. Moreover, nobody
> would ever be able to change the light bulb after that.
> In ADA [the US government official language], it would only take one
> programmer, but before s/he could begin, 87 bureaucrats would have to write
> proposals justifying the expense of changing the bulb.
> LISP would actually require no programmers, for once the programmer wrote
> the basic code, the bulb would change itself.
> In FORTH, the bulb would change the programmer.
> In PASCAL, we'd just buy a new lamp, as it would be too much trouble to
> change the bulb.
> In COBOL, it does not matter how many, it would still take them months.
> In ASSEMBLER, it would only take one programmer, provided s/he doesn't mind
> constructing the bulb from a kit first.
> Likewise it would only take one BASIC programmer, but after switching on,
> there would be a five minute delay before light was emitted.
> The OCCAM programmer would be able to replace N light bulbs in parallel,
> where N is less than or equal to the number of light bulb changing appendages
> available.
> IBM does not change light bulbs. It adds value to PEUs (photon emitter units).
> And finally, the correct answer: NONE, it's a hardware problem.
> All the above come from the Advanced Technology group of a leading Insurance
> company. Any addition would be gratefully received.
> L, P & H, Leo
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