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[alt.humor.best-of-usenet] [comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html] Microsoft steals Shareware!

HeHeHe. Microsoft KLAUT Shareware!!!!!

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Subject: [comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html] Microsoft steals Shareware!
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Subject: Microsoft steals Shareware!
From: gregor@eskimo.com (Gregory Sumner)
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Here's something interesting.  You'd think the richest company in the
world could afford a Shareware licence, don't you?  Hell, they could
buy the whole company.

Here's what I found when I viewed a copy of their little animated
"click here" button... (ie_anim.gif)

This GIF file was assembled with GIF Construction Set from:

Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
P.O. Box 500
Beeton, Ontario
L0G 1A0

This comment block will not appear in files created with a registered
version of GIF Construction Set

Nice huh?  I think Alchemy Mindworks Inc. should get something out of
this, like at least a "Shareware of Choice with Microsoft Developers!"
or "We're So Good, Microsoft Steals Our Software!"

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