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Reboot *this*!

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>From: m-atkinson@nwu.edu (Michael A. Atkinson)
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>Subject: Reboot *this*!
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>Date: 29 Jul 1996 15:59:57 GMT
>Organization: College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University
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And so it came to pass that I worked on Satyrday, doing some routine
fileserver maintenance while nobody was around to bitch about it.

!Peeve: When telling my boss why I was coming in, I mentioned that I had
"liberated" a new UPS to put on one of our fileservers.  She didn't ask me
where I got it.

One of the things I like least around here is that people feel the need to
remotely-control their workstations.  After the fileserver is rebooted, the
workstations configured this way must also be rebooted.

Peeve: Poor planning.  I didn't have a key to one of the rooms.

My assistant, Alitza, looked at me.  "How are we gonna reboot it?"

I smiled.  "I know how."

She followed me to the basement of our office building.  As I unlocked the
door to the electrical closet, she said, "Aha!  Do you know which
circuit-breaker is for that room?"

I gazed upon the unlabeled circuit-breaker-box.  "Yes, I do."  I reached up
to the big switch at the top, and pulled it.  The lights went out.  The UPS
on the mailserver began softly beeping.  Alitza said, "Holy shit."  Ten
seconds later, I rebooted the building.

Michael A. Atkinson <m-atkinson@nwu.edu> N9ZCD
CAS Dean's Office, Northwestern University
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