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Dear Colleagues,

on 7th of June 1996 at 16 hours and 12 minutes Croatian Academic and
Research Network has connected University of Zagreb with universities of
Rijeka and Osijek via 155 Mbps ATM lines and transfered live video
between three sites.

For the first time in Croatia we have simultaneous exchange of video and
computer (TCP/IP) data over the same infrastructure.

This has put in operation the first half of new CARNet ATM core
backbone. By the end of June it is expected that the remaining
university city Split and two remaining locations in Zagreb will be
included in the nine node core.

This core does not only connect all Croatian universities and largest
academic and research institutions with the highest speed available but
rather goes to the desktop ! Institutions connected have 155 Mbps
ATM available to servers and workstations as well as departmental
Ethernet switches.

The communication lines are provided by Croatian Post an
telecommunications (HPT) as 155 Mbps SDH between the cities and pure
(naked :-)) FO lines within city.
ATM switches are CISCO's and video equipment is connected to K-Net's
Cell Stacks. All equipment has been provided by Croatian company
We wish to thank all of them for this achievement.

During the next week the world festival of animated films "Animafest
'96", which is being held in Zagreb, will be broadcasted via this new
infrastructure to Rijeka and Osijek.

My appologies to anyone receivig more than one copy of this message
as well as all those who might find this message not interesting.
However, we all here are very excited about this achievement
since five years ago we had absolutely nothing, since we never
received any international financial help and we still carry the
burdeon of the war we never wanted.

Let me thank you all who helped in past five years, directly and
indirectly, through advices, cooperation or just friendship.

        Predrag Pale

  Chairman of CARNet Board

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