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> Quite obviously, coax is the *IDEAL* medium for digital
> because it provides essentially *perfect* rejection of any spurious
> non-digital signals.
> When the size of the coax cable is properly matched to the font of
> the digital source, 1's flow (lengthwise) down the center conductor
> while 0's pass (broadside) down the shield -- and NO other numbers
> can get through.
> Unfortunately, many low-cost A/D converters and CD transports save
> money by using cheap, public-domain fonts in which the 0's are oval
> rather than perfectly round.  The resulting null-distortion causes
> unnatural (and easily recognizable) compression of the sound stage.
> This effect can be partially corrected by using specially designed
> coax with a slightly oval cross-section.
> WRT the transmission of 1's, there are two competing bodies of
> opinion.  Most purists tend to favor the minimalist approach of
> using a sans serif font with a solid center conductor;  however,
> some recent studies suggest that there may be real benefits to
> a twisted center conductor in combination with a slight serif
> at the base of the 1's.  Apparently, the serif allows the 1's
> to engage the spiral conductor and impart a stabilizing spin --
> in much the same way that the ogive at the base of an artillery
> shell engages the rifling in the gun barrel.


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