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linux-net: Re: Gated

> Re: Gated
> Alan Cox (iialan@iifeak.swan.ac.uk)
> Mon, 24 Jul 1995 09:57:02 +0100 (BST)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > I am having some routing problems and was wondering if anyone has
> > given thought to creating a GNU version of Gated. If this was done
> > Gated could be distributed standard with all the distributions of
> > Linux. (Just a thought)
> >
> Building a GPL'd gated clone with OSPF and RIP2 alone would probably
> be about
> 2 man years work for someone who knows a little bit about routing and
> a fair
> bit about graph theory. In total there is probably something like 10
> man
> years of work to clone gated in full.
> Alan

Sehr motivierend, wenn man ein gated Projekt machen will :-(.

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