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Hi folks,

My name is Raymond, and I'm in the process of collecting information on
things needed in order to be an ISP. I ahve most the info I need, but I was
wondering if someone could help me with the following:

How do I hook up the receiving modems to the server? Is that whats called
router? How much are they and are they expandable? What do you have?

How do I connect the server to a T1? What do you have?

I would also be very happy if someone could e-mail me or post here their
configuration with specific equipment, incoming lines, type of Internet
connection, etc. If someone had a business plan to share, that would be *top*!

Ray Skorstad
Miami Beach Online

                           (o -)
=  Raymond Skorstad     		Internet: ray@nett.com      =
=  Miami Beach Online     		BBS.....: +13058682293      =
=  US Microsystems        		Internet: usmicro@nett.com  =
      For current price-lists, e-mail pricelist@nett.com

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